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A HUGE TREASURE TROVE of free online tools for low content book publishers. 
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One Tool That Does Almost Everything!

I will do a unique book cover design

Are you looking for an awesome Book cover , create space or kindle ? MAKE IT REAL!
You are at the right place :)

I will design an artistic book cover

I will create an artistic Typographic book cover, according your needs.
An eye-catching cover design is often the best way to sell your book. 

I will create a premium book cover

This is the only gig regarding book cover design that you will ever need! You will get a premium service and work with a highly experienced and proven cover art designer.

.pdf Manipulation Tools

Some of these tools have limits on how many times they can be used. You can usually overcome the limits by opening them in a different browser and/or changing your IP address. If you're using the tools from a home broadband connection, try rebooting your router (to get a new IP address) and clear your cookies and cache.


Some of these sites offer free templates for a limited time - keep checking back for new items.
TIP: Gumroad hosts several vendors who offer their products at a price the buyer sees fit to pay, including $0. 


LCB Empire Mastery

New to Low Content Publishing?

The LCB Empire Mastery™ is the ultimate step-by-step blueprint to build your own highly profitable publishing business. Get access to a superior online course with video instructions, proven processes, cutting-edge strategies and custom-made tools.

I will provide you 15 KDP low-content interior template designs

With our ‘Creative Arts’ Bundle you get access to 15 unique templates related to various music and art topics. Turn creative activities, hobbies and skills of your customers into unforgettable memories.

I will give you Amazon KDP interior for low and no content books

Your book should be visually appealing to stand out from the rest and grab the readers' attention.

This is the perfect gig when you are looking to get your JOURNAL/PLANNER done for you: 

I will create coloring book for kids or adults

I will create for you a coloring book for kids, children, or adults.
 Subjects: animals, unicorns, mermaids, flowers, space, robot, zombie, nature 
Contact me with your coloring book idea!

Mandala Generators

Please check terms of use before using in published materials

Maze Generators

Please check terms of use before using in published materials

Create A Journals Publishing Empire

With The Most Unique Zero-Content Books On The Planet!

Amazon Tools

Use Google to search Amazon for bestsellers.
Some search footprints to copy and paste in the search window - include the quotes
Find a book with specific BSR: "Best Sellers Rank: #427 in Books"
Find books within a range of BSRs: "Best Sellers Rank: #100..200 in Books"
As above and also containing a keyword (eg Journal): "Best Sellers Rank: #100..200 in Books" AND Journal

This tool is great for generating ideas: give it a try!

Free Kindle Books

These books are all free to download from Amazon!
(Don't forget to check out my free gift HERE)

Kindle Bestselling Publishing 

Self-Publish a #1 Amazon Bestseller in the next 30 days!

The Top 5 Cheat Sheet for Self Publishing Authors

Shows you the top 5 secrets to selling your book on Amazon.

How I Sold 80,000 Books

Discover how you too can sell 80,000 books even if you haven’t sold a single copy yet!

Successful Self-Publishing

How to self-market and publish your books

I will do keyword research using helium 10, jungle scout, viral launch

Are you struggling to get sales on your Amazon listing? Amazon is a pretty saturated platform at the moment. The amount of sellers is very high, that’s why it’s hard to get organic views and sales.

I have spent the last couple of years researching the best ways to get organic views and sales on Amazon.

I will find keywords and categories for your amazon kindle book

I’m an experienced self-published author, I’m selling my books and I can help you improve your sales!

More than 20 million people visiting Amazon browse and shop every month, let me help you get your book discovered by more shoppers by choosing the right keywords and categories.

I will do comprehensive amazon kindle books keyword research

This gig will give Keywords for your Amazon Book.  Do not do guesswork, give a professional the task. This is for Amazon and other publishing platforms. It's for books, ebooks, textbooks, magazine, and other materials.
I will do research for your published or soon to publish material and recommendations will be made.

Low Content Publishing


Learn all the insider secrets on how to build a publishing empire on the KDP platform.

(Sign up for a 30-day  trial on Audible and get it for FREE - else just the price of a cup of coffee!)

Learn how to sell low content books!

Some of the things you will learn:
 - Selling on Facebook without buying ads.
 - A simple trick to make sure you track successful campaigns.
- How to access huge numbers of interested potential buyers without building your own audience.
- A little-used way to advertise to hundreds of buyers without paying a cent!
- A simple and legal hack to attract Amazon buyers to your book.

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