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Low Content Book Resources

A comprehensive collection of free online tools for low content book publishers. 

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.pdf Manipulation Tools

Some of these tools have limits on how many times they can be used. You can usually overcome the limits by opening them in a different browser and/or changing your IP address. If you're using the tools from a home broadband connection, try rebooting your router (to get a new IP address) and clear your cookies and cache.


Some of these sites offer free templates for a limited time - keep checking back for new items.
TIP: Gumroad hosts several vendors who offer their products at a price the buyer sees fit to pay, including $0. 

Mandala Generator


Create A Journals Publishing Empire

With The Most Unique Zero-Content Books On The Planet!

3d Book Generator


Here’s A Hot, New Way To Generate Passive Profits

All With Little or NO Original Content!

Learn how to publish low content books - and sell them!

Some of the things you will learn:
 - Selling on Facebook without buying ads.
 - A simple trick to make sure you track successful campaigns.
- How to access huge numbers of interested potential buyers without building your own audience.
- A little-used way to advertise to hundreds of buyers without paying a cent!
- A simple and legal hack to attract Amazon buyers to your book.


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